It is there..the Globalization.. with all its pros and cons.
Fact is that it will serve and benefit the able ones and will marginalize or simply route-out the weaker ones. That is why the 'empowerment of people' especially the rural and semi-urban areas is needed much strongly than ever.

Janasamarth Sanstha and its Gurukul School is working for the same.

Gurukul School is educating and building capacities in rural and semi-urban children. It is an effort to face the global challenges with competent skills, values and a perspective. Along with cutting-age modern education, it picks-up and carries forward the progressive and scientific values from ancient Indian culture. It works with the instinct and means expressed in the preamble of Indian Constitution.

With this pro-people foundational vision, within last 6-7 years the Gurukul School has achieved popularity and preference in parents' and children's mind. Within such a short period, the school has reached to the current strength.