Gurukul has developed state of the art infrastructure. It has a beautiful campus amidst pleasent natural surroundings. Most important is that the school is fostering the students involvement and responsibility towards this clean, peaceful environment.


RCC built-up, preserved natural ventilation and congruation with surrounding nature, easy access and good implementation of safety norms. Clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. Dedicated blocks for Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library, Art Centre


Spacious classrooms, suitable and comfortable seating arrangments, well-equipped with modern education aids.


80,000 sqft huge space for sports, play and open group-activities.

Swimming Pool

Gurukul considers maximum skills development among students. As a part of this effort, school has provided facility for learning swimming which is an indispensable life-skill. Due precoutions and safety norms are implemented. The height of children and depth of water considered.


Gurukul Students' Ecoforum is itself developing the ecozones and taking care of plants, trees, birds and other natural entities arround the school. School is purposefully involving the studnets in this activity so as to develop the virtue of care for the nature and natural resources in the students. This includes preservation of water, soil, energy, greenery and biodiversity. The activity is not necessarily limited to school campus.


As the students are coming from distant, remote places and interiors, school has made availability of School Buses. Due care is taken to make the daily schedule of student easy, simple, worry-free so as to concentrate on the learning and allied acitivities. The punctuality and safety are given highest importance.

24 Hrs Student Helpline

Gurukul runs student's helpline round the clock. This is a unique activity of the school. It is found much useful for the students.

Gurukul's Own English-learning Software

Gurukul School has developed it's own English-learning software. It is especially useful for introducing junior Marathi students to the English Language. The software has been developed totally within Gurukul School itself.